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Build a better company culture

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If your culture isn’t aligned with your success factors, you’re in for trouble. Within a company, culture is a guiding factor that not only helps people understand how to behave, but also serves to reinforce a business’s priorities and objectives.

In this webinar, HR professionals in many industries will learn what it takes to redefine “culture,” fix a broken company culture and adapt the understanding of culture for the modern age – all of which can benefit your HR program and prepare your business for new and dynamic environments.

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

Culture is a system that defines how your business operates and relates to both internal and external stimulus. In addition to helping people understand how to behave in your company, culture allows companies to measure, reinforce and direct behavior. Most importantly all of this reinforcement contributes to your business hitting its strategic goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the 6 steps to building your culture:

  1. Why culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. To create a sustainable competitive advantage, your firm must be able to do things that add value for the customer and are difficult or impossible for your competitors to replicate. Your marketing and sales strategy, even your technology can be emulated, but your culture is unique. Learn how to think about your culture as a competitive advantage as the foundation for your culture management intiative.
  2. How to align your strategy with your company culture. Ideally, your strategy should include things like customer selection (who will you and won’t you serve), your value proposition, the scope of your activities, the way in which you will defend your profitability and your plan for making money. Learn how to align organization and culture to meet these goals here. This webinar will help you learn to use things like recognition programs to meet this goal.
  3. The building blocks of a good strategy. When you consider your strategy, you also need to consider the following things: human resources and whether you have the right people. Key success factors, and how you can complete specific tasks to implement your strategy culture. Formal organizations and the structure, rewards and careers of your company, and how they’ll support your culture. And finally, executive leadership, and how you can align your information, behavior and symbolic action. Remember – fit equals performance.
  4. The differences between weak culture and strong culture. Within our definition of company culture there is no good or bad culture, only strong and weak cultures. Strong cultures are characterized by high employee alignment around core norms and behaviors for success. Cultures that are adaptive and strategically aligned can help improve your revenue growth, employee ratings, innovation and market-to-book ratio.
  5. The role of HR technology in managing culture. Technology is critical for the consistency, evolution, and scalability of culture. By building on the consistent framework of company culture, it gets exponentially easier to build a consistent framework for understanding, communication, and measurability within the enterprise. The proper implementation of HR technology also helps improve hiring, boost the quality of the hires and decrease turnover costs.
  6. How you can integrate culture technology into your pre-existing HR workflow. While integration can be difficult, this webinar will help you learn how to use culture analytics technology to integrate into your existing HR systems and measure things like attraction, selection, development and retention.

How This Webinar Will Help You Become a Better HR Professional

Until now, the concept of “culture” has been difficult to grasp, and many HR professionals find that they have a difficult time distilling abstract “values” into behaviors their employees can follow.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to redefine culture and relate to it in a more practical and applicable way. Boost your company’s performance, improve your employee engagement, reduce turnover and align your company culture for success with the lessons you’ll learn in this unique webinar.

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Build a High Performance Company Culture

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