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The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies

HR tech

With hundreds of new software providers in the HR space, many HR executives wonder how to make sense of them all and select the best fit. Dozens of software platforms, in various categories, often lead to difficulties determining the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

This article is a preview of a series of articles we’ll be writing to help HR executives make smarter software decisions and ensure that the software they choose is right for the needs and culture of their companies. In this series of articles we will review a comprehensive set of the best new software solutions in categories such as employee engagement, candidate assessment, ATS and HRIS. Our reviews will tackle basic features, usability, customer reviews and potential for integration. For now here’s a sneak peak!

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Employee Engagement

Measuring employee engagement has been one of the top priorities of HR leaders in the past few years. So it’s no surprise that a number of new providers have emerged to disrupt the traditional annual engagement survey. These providers focus on delivering pulse engagement surveys and real-time analytics to their customers. The following HR software platforms lead the pack for employee engagement:


CultureAmp is a people analytics company that specializes in offering employee surveys and insight designed to promote a more engaged base of employees. The company offers an interactive and highly customizable survey platform that provides enterprise-level reporting and data.
While CultureAmp may be a bit limited in its offerings for some companies, its users are widely happy with the service.


TINYPulse is a platform designed to improve the company culture in any given workplace by boosting employee performance and engagement.

Used by heavy-hitters like HubSpot, Facebook and IBM, TINYPulse offers anonymous feedback and culture survey options that allow managers to gauge employee happiness levels. The service also provides fully actionable data that allows management to address problem areas accordingly.

The only real drawback about this service is that it can be difficult to implement, since some employees are hesitant to participate in surveys.

Other Forerunners in the Employee Engagement Sector

In addition to the above two companies, the following options are also making waves in Employee Engagement for HR executives.

Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment is a critical component of any good HR program. Utilizing data-driven technologies in your recruiting funnel can increase the efficiency of your recruiting process and help your recruiters and hiring managers make better decisions. These smart tools can help streamline the process:

Knack.It allows HR departments to identify skilled candidates across many industries. Used by job-seekers to display skills and locate exciting new opportunities, is ideal for any HR executive who is tired of the challenges associated with locating top performers.
Unlike other candidate assessment software programs, uses the tenets of behavioral neuroscience and predictive algorithms to help qualified candidates and hiring workplaces to find one another. While some companies don’t appreciate the game-based format, it works well for creative industries.


Checkr is a pre-employment background check software used by companies like Uber and GrubHub. Featuring mobile-friendly design and simple, color-coded reports, Checkr is the easiest way for companies to find and background check candidates.
While there have been some complaints about the company’s customer service and the accuracy of information in Checkr’s background checks, the platform is widely used and has many glowing testimonials and press pieces to its name.


Applicant tracking systems are the workhorses of any recruiting process. The complexity of creating a great process means that developing effective and easy-to-use software can be a major challenge. The following are some of the current leaders: offers data-focused recruiting capabilities for HR departments that want to streamline their best practices and start interviewing more efficiently. Although the learning curve can be difficult, this platform allows users to provide additional feedback, track progress and manage tasks easily.


Smartrecruiters advertises itself as “The ATS that works.” While the software can be glitchy, it is widely used by companies like Skechers and Equinox; it also specializes in recruitment marketing, improving hiring decisions, and offering advanced analytics to manage and improve performance.

Other ATS Options for Interested HR Departments

In addition to and Smartrecruiters, the following ATS platforms are worth examining:
Every company needs a robust HRIS, and the following options are ideal:


Gusto is a platform designed to integrate HR, benefits and payroll for mid-market to big business. Gusto makes organization simple to achieve, and it is ideal for any company that needs to streamline employee files and stay on top of things like health benefits and 401(k) retirement plans. Reviewers have reported this service can be a bit expensive for companies with only a few employees.


Zenefits is a management software that allows HR execs to access a single dashboard containing everything from pay stubs to tax withholding forms. Mobile-friendly and designed for modern HR, this simple software is a favorite among today’s HR managers. Reviewers have few complaints about the platform, although some users have reported the system can be difficult to set up.

Additional HRIS Software Options

The following HRIS software solutions are also fantastic for integrating HR duties:

The Future of HR Software

Until recently, HR software has not been a place for innovation. Technology was so expensive that only the largest companies in any given industry could afford it. This price tag led to names like SAP and Oracle dominating the technology, while everyone else existed with little.
Software has now moved into the cloud, and HR software in particular has become a place for creativity and innovation. Today, HR is less about taking paperwork and putting it online, and more about optimizing human capital.
At Pomello we are excited to be among a number of innovative companies looking to lead this movement. Pomello offers the tools to enhance and optimize company culture, surveys and culture analytics, we’re one of the first HR software providers to go in-depth and provide predictive people analytics. Contact us today to learn more about how this unique brand of intelligence can benefit your company.

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