People Management in 2017 – Survey Results and Analysis

Every year we survey our large network of HR practitioners about their people management priorities for the year. We cover a lot of ground with just a few questions, but our focus is on what HR initiatives are most pressing, how they are tackling those priorities with new tools and technology, and how they are approaching culture management.

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HR Tech

2017 HR Trends Forecast

Company culture still reigns supreme within the HR universe, but 2017 HR trends will focus on attracting growth-driven workers to the companies that need them. Major tech companies may still build campuses to cater to wunderkinds’ various needs, but most HR departments are more interested in creating cost-effective ways to meet the work-balance needs of their employees. Even for workplaces with billion-dollar budgets, HR innovators realize that the right corporate focus trumps take-home pay.

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corporate culture

Reforming Corporate Culture in Financial Services Firms

$101 billion. As of 2016, that’s the total amount of fines paid by banks implicated in the mortgage bubble responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. While the federal government did find some areas of law-breaking, regulators also found that many of the actions that led to the housing crisis weren’t necessarily illegal — just violations of banking standards.

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The Best Company Cultures in America – It’s Not Who You Think

The concept of a company culture has narrowed in recent years, and these days you’d be forgiven for thinking “culture” equates to employment perks. Companies like Facebook and Google have become famous for extravagant perks that include three free meals a day, onsite gyms and childcare, and free transportation to and from work. While perks can increase job satisfaction, they don’t tell the whole story. Through authentic leadership and a genuine commitment to their employees, these five off-the-radar companies have created some of the best company cultures in America.

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Why Leading with Ideas is the Secret to Successful Leadership

Instead of keeping employees in the dark and letting the rumour mill run rampant, as it does when we fill in the blanks with assumptions, this CEO led with an idea – the idea that his employees were the key to solving the problem. Rather than controlling the information and keeping it amongst the senior leadership, s/he opened up and found a sustainable solution to the problem. A solution that the people most affected had created themselves.

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