WEBINAR: Building a High-Performance Company Culture

If your culture isn’t aligned with your success factors, you’re in for trouble. Within a company, culture is a guiding factor that not only helps people understand how to behave, but also serves to reinforce a business’s priorities and objectives. In this webinar, HR professionals in many industries will learn what it takes to redefine “culture,” fix a broken company culture and adapt the understanding of culture for the modern age – all of which can benefit your HR program and prepare your business for new and dynamic environments.

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HR tech

The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies

With hundreds of new software providers in the HR space, many HR executives wonder how to make sense of them all and select the best fit. Dozens of software platforms, in various categories, often lead to difficulties determining the strengths and weaknesses of each platform.

This article is a preview of a series of articles we’ll be writing to help HR executives make smarter software decisions and ensure that the software they choose is right for the needs and culture of their companies.

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Why Leading with Ideas is the Secret to Successful Leadership

Instead of keeping employees in the dark and letting the rumour mill run rampant, as it does when we fill in the blanks with assumptions, this CEO led with an idea – the idea that his employees were the key to solving the problem. Rather than controlling the information and keeping it amongst the senior leadership, s/he opened up and found a sustainable solution to the problem. A solution that the people most affected had created themselves.

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Pomello’s Secrets for an Authentic Company Culture

We get asked a lot about our name. So I decided to write the definitive guide on why we named our company after an obscure citrus fruit most often found at Chinese groceries. Like a pomello, the best part of a company is not visible from the outside. You have peel through an outer layer to understand what’s underneath. And like the inside of pomello, a company culture is made up of different components aligning with teams, locations, hierarchies.

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How to Make Your Company’s Reorganization a Big Win

As somebody who has been through a huge merger, and the resulting reorganization, I can tell you that reorgs are the worst. They deservedly have a terrible reputation, because they are dehumanizing, demoralizing, and damaging to your company. So why do companies do them? They are necessary. Strategic shifts, changing economic environments, industry disrupting innovations can all force leadership teams to stir things up. The problem that every leadership team runs into is that reorgs are incredibly costly in terms of lost productivity and turnover.

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Is performance management dead?

At Pomello, we believe that rather than focusing on employee output, managers should focus on fostering the values and beliefs that will drive successful outcomes for the individual. Rather than trying to impact employee performance, managers should be trying to influence the factors to motivate their employees.

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