How to Make Your Company’s Reorganization a Big Win

As somebody who has been through a huge merger, and the resulting reorganization, I can tell you that reorgs are the worst. They deservedly have a terrible reputation, because they are dehumanizing, demoralizing, and damaging to your company. So why do companies do them? They are necessary. Strategic shifts, changing economic environments, industry disrupting innovations can all force leadership teams to stir things up. The problem that every leadership team runs into is that reorgs are incredibly costly in terms of lost productivity and turnover.

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The 3 Statistics You Need to Manage Your Company Culture

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I know I have to master something new I just wish someone would tell me the three most important things I needed to know, and skip the doctoral dissertation. Culture management is something that to a certain degree we all do already, but few people are used to using data and analytics to assist in culture management.

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Why Employee Engagement Starts During the Hiring Process

Employee engagement should start during the hiring process. That process is the first line of defense against selecting employees that just won’t be a good fit for the company, and won’t be engaged. If you hire employees who fit in properly with your company’s culture, they will feel more engaged in their work, and you’ll have a much better chance of keeping those employees on a long-term basis. In short, hiring the right employees, not just from a skill standpoint but also based on company culture, means your bottom line will directly benefit.

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