corporate culture

Reforming Corporate Culture in Financial Services Firms

$101 billion. As of 2016, that’s the total amount of fines paid by banks implicated in the mortgage bubble responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. While the federal government did find some areas of law-breaking, regulators also found that many of the actions that led to the housing crisis weren’t necessarily illegal — just violations of banking standards.

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culture evolution

Company Culture 102: How to target your aspirational culture

Culture change or evolution is one of the most challenging projects for a leadership team to undertake. It requires every leader, manager, and employee to internalize a new set of priorities which constitute the aspirational culture for the company’s future. This process takes time, and requires a consistent and quantifiable framework for tracking progress.

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employee experience

Focus on the Employee Experience to Create a Culture of Success

For HR and business leaders, employees are customers. This means that analyzing and improving each stage of employees’ journey within the company is crucial. Creating a fulfilling place to work is a major part of any employer’s job. You don’t do this out of a sense of altruism but because it is the best thing for the value of your company. Happy and engaged employees onboard more quickly, are more productive, stay longer, and continue to spread goodwill after they leave.

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Building Traditions to Strengthen Your Team

I’ve been thinking a lot about team-building and traditions lately as our team has grown. It has been really exciting and challenging to see how each additional team member brings their own needs, strengths and ambitions to Pomello. When you’ve been working so long with one person – shout out to my awesome co-founder, Oliver – it can be easy to get set in your ways. And so it is refreshing to have new perspectives and personalities.

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New Research Links Company Culture and Financial Performance

To those of us in the business world, academia can appear to move at a glacial pace. But academic research plays an essential role in identifying successful organizational strategies and mechanisms that might not be apparent, even to the actual teams that are implementing them. Pomello is built based on a large body of research which validates the relationship between strong organizational culture and key metrics like employee performance, engagement, and turnover.

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How to Make Your Company’s Reorganization a Big Win

As somebody who has been through a huge merger, and the resulting reorganization, I can tell you that reorgs are the worst. They deservedly have a terrible reputation, because they are dehumanizing, demoralizing, and damaging to your company. So why do companies do them? They are necessary. Strategic shifts, changing economic environments, industry disrupting innovations can all force leadership teams to stir things up. The problem that every leadership team runs into is that reorgs are incredibly costly in terms of lost productivity and turnover.

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How to change your team culture

One of the topics we get asked about most often is how to change the culture on a team. We are rarely in a position to start building a culture from scratch, and are often trying to adjust our team culture to fit a new strategy or a changing business environment. Once you’ve determined how you want to evolve your team culture here are 3 critical factors for your success:

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