This Is the Science Behind Thriving Workplace Cultures

For all the talk surrounding Facebook’s Trending Topics over the past few weeks, one aspect of the story that hasn’t received much coverage is Facebook’s toxic work environment. One former member of the Trending Topics team claims “poor management, coupled with intimidation, favoritism and sexism” resulted in a demoralizing environment and an unusually high number of employees quitting.

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Stop Taking Employee Engagement Surveys as Gospel

Employee engagement surveys have been around for decades, but executives constantly tell us that they don’t know what to do with the information they receive from them. One CEO recently said to me, “We get the same score every year, and I don’t know how to make improvements based on a generic set of survey results.”

What good is having the data if you can’t use it to your company’s benefit?

Despite the issues with measurement techniques, employee engagement is critical to every organization’s success. But companies need to stop focusing on boosting engagement and start using metrics to create a better company culture.

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culture evolution

Company Culture 102: How to target your aspirational culture

Culture change or evolution is one of the most challenging projects for a leadership team to undertake. It requires every leader, manager, and employee to internalize a new set of priorities which constitute the aspirational culture for the company’s future. This process takes time, and requires a consistent and quantifiable framework for tracking progress.

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employee experience

Focus on the Employee Experience to Create a Culture of Success

For HR and business leaders, employees are customers. This means that analyzing and improving each stage of employees’ journey within the company is crucial. Creating a fulfilling place to work is a major part of any employer’s job. You don’t do this out of a sense of altruism but because it is the best thing for the value of your company. Happy and engaged employees onboard more quickly, are more productive, stay longer, and continue to spread goodwill after they leave.

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